The Number FOUR!

Ironically, FOUR years ago today, Nov. 5, 2011, I ran my very first half marathon. And, today, Nov. 5th 2015, we topped the FOUR thousand dollar mark for the Boston Marathon LLS Team in Training!!!

Four years ago I drove by myself in the very early, very dark, and very cold hours of the morning to Paradise, PA to run my first half marathon.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.28.49 AM

If you judged my running future based on how I felt that day or if I enjoyed that race, you’d have guessed that it was basically done. It was a frigid 27 degrees with windchill. The race was supposed to have “rolling hills”, which to me at the time were actually more like continuous large mountains. The roads were littered with mounds of horse poop leaving the runners to dodge the piles. Due to the cold temperatures, the roads near any water stations were a sheet of ice that we had to walk or navigate around. There were very few spectators cheering or providing any moral support. Most of the limited number of runners were serious and immediately paced out ahead of me leaving me at the back of the pack. The roads weren’t even closed off to vehicles, so we frequently had to navigate to one side to allow a car (or horse and buggy) to pass and to avoid getting hit by a large delivery truck. The scenery consisted of farm, after field, after corn patch, after farm… which would be beautiful to drive through… but not the most motivating or stimulating for a runner. And, the course was a 2-loop course which meant we had to repeat exactly what we had just done after the first 6 1/2 miles. By mile 7 I was promising myself that I would never make myself do this again. Ever. Ever. Ever. For the next 6.1 miles I asked myself why the heck I had paid to run this race when I could have easily just run 13.1 miles at home. But, I finished! And, I was happy to see Ben, Jake, and Luke cheering for me and to have a hot drink and a piece of pizza :)!


Amish Country Half, Nov. 5, 2011

Surprisingly enough, 6 months later I was running another half marathon in Washington D.C. with my friend Kristin, even with my bum hip. And, I loved it! And, 6 months after that I was running my first full and favorite marathon in Philly 2012.

Four years ago, I never would have predicted what running has become in my life! Four years ago, if you told me that on this day, four years later, I would reach the four thousand dollar mark of my goal for LLS’s Boston Team in Training, I would have laughed at you. Honestly, I would have. But, WE DID! Just two weeks after being asked to join the team, we topped $4,000!

FullSizeRender (3)

What a difference FOUR little years make!

Lesson: Don’t let your first experience write the rest of your story!

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